Amy presents these fabulous art pieces through the use of personal experience. She relates these paintings to the home she currently lives in. These paintings took about 1-2 hours to make. She did different areas of her living room as well as her kitchen.

This is her first portraits that she displays in the galleries. She actually makes bigger portraits when she gets the chance, but those portraits take longer like 2-3 months.

She is currently going to graduate this year and hopefully going to get her teaching credentials in art!



WEEK 15: Annabel Sanchez!

One of my final and last classmates to meet!!! She is awesome! This is Annabel Sanchez!!!

She is originally from Wilmington CA! She’s undeclared Not to far from LB! She is also undeclared and currently commutes at home!

This is her first year and she thinks it’s a pretty fun art class. She is computer savvy and loves to go on her computer when she is on break. She also loves to attend music festivals like cochlea and dubstep performances! She hopefully will be a professional photographer maybe in the future!



Chelsea Mosher presents a beautiful masterpiece regarding about the nature of rocks and waves!

She says thee relationship between them is that “you can trace a loop in between them, returning to the point of departure.”

She takes various photos of oceans and rock desserts displaying it’s dynamic relationship they have between one another. One of her photos displays the Pacific ocean to the Colorado desert then back to the Pacific Ocean. Like she said before, it has a loop in-between them that eventually brings them back to the point of departure.

She also does the Pacific Ocean to the Mojave desert then back to the Pacific Ocean. She brings a very beautiful price that closely relates to our oceans and deserts today



WEEK 14: Meet Denise Martinez!

I can’t wait to introduce you to my new best buddy, Denise Martinez! She is originally from Harbor City and currently commutes there!

She is currently a 2nd year at CSULB and she is a Pre psych major! She also hopes to minor in career studies in order to have a better understanding on adolescence. She was also influenced from professors to take this major.

She thinks that this art 110 class is an Interesting class. It allows her to open her eyes to new possibilities.

Besides school, she is a Home person and loves to stay home all day. Not only is she a home person but she loves to go to the beach too! Specifically Redondo beach! She is also a very Competitive swimmer! Gotta love this girl!


Week 13: artist Ron Pagenkopp!

Week 13: artist Ron Pagenkopp!

This new artist of the week is Ron Pagenkopp! He originally went to cal state fullerton and has a family including two kids. He’s an amazing fellow who display amazing art through the inspiration of past people who were important to him. He dreamed of drawing as a kid, but the funny thing is he never knew he would have a career in it! For some of his art work, it didn’t simply take only one day to create. For most of his work, it took almost two years!!! Wow! Such dedication!

He also likes to work on animations as well as background layouts for other artwork. As for his free time, he also likes to surf and hang out with his family!

Week 13: MY NEW FRIEND Briellea Matsumoto!

Week 13: MY NEW FRIEND Briellea Matsumoto!

She’s like the coolest girl i’ve been thus far in the class! Sorry ladies! haha She is Japanese, german, and Thai! What a crazy mix! Her dad was half german and half Japanese while her mom was full thai!

Her family had a history considering the fact of her mixed nationalities. The reason why her dad was half Japanese and german was because her grandpa was Japanese and her grandma was german. Her grandpa was originally in a concentration camp after world war II. He was kept in Arizona in a camp because of the racial discrimination that was going on in America. He was let go a few years after and he went back home with his wife.

Crazy story I must say! And as for Briellla’s mom, she was originally from Thailand and migrated to America at age 19.

As for Briella, she is originally from Sacramento in the suburban areas! She is a born and raised Christian and loved Jesus as she grew up! She became a Christian in the 6th grade and since then she was a witness! She a witness to me! She’s an awesome girl!


Today’s P12 project I am going to relate this to one of the earlier projects that we have done in the class. Specifically when we all had to create a video on the topic about our website on week 2 at the beginning of the year. During that project we had to inform our audience and the public about what the website was about and what to expect when they are on the website. For this week’s project, I made a video discussing about a different topic and that’s ┬áthe topic of art.

Wanna know the definition of art? This is an interesting question. What you are about to see is my next week 12 project displaying the answer on what art is. You are about to find out my philosophy and my intake on how art is visualized in this world. Please click the link above to see my all new video displaying on the answer of art!

WEEK 12: SJ PARK! (Seong Joon Park)


MY NEW BUDDY SJ! He’s tight. He’s a christian like me! He was originally from Korea, then moved to Canada, then moved here to Long Beach! He is a film major like me! He’s cool thus far! He loves to Film short movies and his inspiration is steven spielburg!

He hopes to major one day at USC for film and get into the film program! So far he is embracing my dreams just like I am! I hope to one day see him at USC too@

He loves to skateboard and enjoys hanging out with his friends at school! They usually go to Irvine, Hollywood, or Burbank! He’s currently a freshman and hopes to make the best dramatic film when he gets older! What a cool guy!

WEEK 12: Brenda Moron and the CSULB WOOD!

IMG_5302 IMG_5301 IMG_5300 IMG_5299

This is Brenda who made these wonderful works of art! She is from Santa Ana! She hopesto open up a store that mainly sells furniture, sanders, saws and chisels!

She loves to get down and dirty when it comes to making this kind of art. The idea for making these items was common furniture around the school. Like the bench displayed in the picture is a old table form the science building. She was supposed to make benches for the school as is just waiting.

She always does this at her spare time! She learned from her father on how to use chisels and tools in order to make these works of art. The reason why she loves working with art is because its a nostalgic smell and has a nice feel to it.

Overall all of these inspirations are from things she loves to do and hopefully we’ll see more of the art in the future.