Week 10: The Art and Science of Mutation!

IMG_4897 IMG_4896 IMG_4898 IMG_4899

One of the most interesting art pieces I have seen throughout my whole weeks as a art student! Look at this! The artist who built this amazing piece is Jenna Kurtz! She was originally from palos verdes and she is going to graduate with a bachelor of fine arts! She plans to move to San Fran in her hopes to make herself known as an artist!

Ms. Jenna Kurtz explains about some of the interesting displays as you see here. She mainly wanted to talk about deviation and mutation. She explains how it mutation is always changing. Specially embryos, they change and do not always look the same. Look at us humans, do we look like our embryos? No! We changed!

For the Dragon as you see here, she made that her self! She played around with the space she had and used methods of construction. She believes the room brings life to the gallery. It makes you think about how galleries is a shell for art. She even took a kinetics class/electric engineering class in order to learn how to use the lights and sensors to create the tone of the room.

Her inspiration, science fiction and fantasy. All the embryos you see on the wall are displayed to show change and mutation. As for the dragon, she played around with it and decided to put him in the middle looking at a strange figure in the middle of the room.

So there you have it! A science fictional piece that is displayed beautifully! :)

Week 10: My new friend Kyndra!

Week 10: My new friend Kyndra!

Shes soooo coool! I didn’t know she was from Vegas!

She says vegas was always hot! Duh… haha but she moved down here to the LBC because she wants to become a physiologist. She heard Long Beach State had the best psychology program here! But she also said something about social work as well… I think she wanted to have that as her career too?

Another reason why she wanted to come here was that the school was close to the beach! Vegas doesnt have a beach! All it is just desert and dry land! haha. Anyways, she currently commutes in LA and she has a roommate. She also has family down here in Long Beach which is really convenient for her!

She really loves this art class, she didn’t expect it to be much like a reporting job! haha. Here favorite color is teal like mine! And she loves the hummingbird! Specially when the bird chirps is the really cool part! She loves to read, eat sleep, and shop! Overall shes a nice gal! Gotta meet Kyndra :)

Week 10: Art110s14paint! SUPREME!!!

IMG_4937 IMG_4936 IMG_4952 IMG_4938

YES! And it turns out my design was accomplished! As you can see in the pics below my design originally was supposed to be my name, but I instead took inspiration from another design I did and also my water bottle as well!

So as you can see here, I sketched out the Supreme logo first with pen and pencil. Next I sketched it out the same exact way at the Venice Beach Art Walls. After, I filled the letters in with a nice tone of white and outlined it with a black outline. And the rest of the background was kept red.

So after all that hard work I ran out of paint to cover up the top part of the wall! But I still think it looks cool! What do you guys think? :)

Week 9: My New Friend Weifan (XUE)! :)

Week 9: My New Friend Weifan (XUE)! :)

Xue Weifan is one of the nicest girls I met throughout the class! She is 21 years old, her first year at CSULB, she’s originally from China, and she hopes to have a Major in Finance! She specifically chose this major because she works for a business. She herself has experience in business and knows what it takes! She had originally worked at a finance department in China!

Besides school she looooves to watch movies! Mainly horror or romantic movies! SHe always loves to post her favorite movies on the internet (specially her blog too). She always has to bring her friends along and she loves to hang out with them all the time! She also loves to go fishing! Back in her home country she would always fish and she still loves to fish to this day! Trust me when I say this, she is such an awesome girl! :D

Week 9: Don Tinling and his HIV project!

Photo on 3-20-14 at 11.46 AM #2 Photo on 3-20-14 at 11.46 AM Photo on 3-20-14 at 11.47 AM #2 Photo on 3-20-14 at 11.47 AM #3 Photo on 3-20-14 at 11.47 AM

I present to you Mr. Don Tinling’s art project talking on the basis of HIV!

His idea is the work addresses the idea that when something is removed it creates a space for something else. His inspiration was from his diagnosis of HIV. As apart of his idea that something is removed to create a space is the vials displayed on the walls. Each Vial contains a sample of his blood that is diagnosed with HIV. He currently makes AIDS quilts for his friends who died from AIDS. He also involved his personal matter into his work in order to investigate the idea that it may create a new space within his practice and welcome in the new chapter of his life. He supports all his beliefs for what he stands on helping those who have AIDS and HIV. His art speaks of that and brings a very interesting piece at Cal State Long Beach.

Week 9: Sketch Drawing, what do you think?

IMG_4908 IMG_4907IMG_4909

I had a couple of friends gave me feedback about my design. But for this project I was assigned to sketch out my name in GANGSTA SYMBOLS. In other words, Im going to use this sketch to use for graffiti art! It took me a while to try to draw out the best possible way to swag out my name and before you know it I got this beautiful masterpiece! Now folks, you must wait for what is to come by this saturday… a beautiful graffiti art! You’ll see :)

Weeek 8: Noraaaa and her Silhouette Art!

Weeek 8: Noraaaa and her Silhouette Art!

Here we are at week 8 and this beautiful art piece is made by Nora Ayala! She is in the MFA for print making and has a BFA in textiles Silhouettes! As you can see from this red wall, it displays many Silhouette portraits of her family! Her family and herself is originally from Riverside and unfortunately her dog cannot live with her :(

Her project on this Silhouette’s took 8 months sine August. She works off of photographs and uses stencil art in order to trace her photographs. As for the red wall, she considered a critique made from her art professor about what kind of wall she should have with the portraits. She was given the option to make her own wallpaper and she chose this nice tone of red to make the portraits stand out.

Her goals for graduation is to teach specifically on academics in print making! I have high hopes for her and I know she’ll succeed in the future!

Week 8: New Friend Courtney!!!

Week 8: New Friend Courtney!!!

Please welcome my new friend Courtney! She is from Orange County! She originally applied to various Cal State’s around the region, but she wanted to go to Cal State Long Beach because of how nice it is over here! She didn’t want to go out of state so she wanted to stay local and she knew that CSULB has the best science program here!

She hopes to have an Biology major in the future and one day help animals in the future! Not specifically home animals, but animals maybe in the ocean, forrest, etc.

Besides her major, she makes headbands and sells them for profit! She also designs costumes! She also loves to draw, mainly like sketches of people and using oil pastels.

She loves the art class and she is an awesome person to meet! :)

Week 8: Plaster Casting!

IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4778 IMG_4780 IMG_4784

THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST ART PROJECTS THAT I DID! Me and my girlfriend went to seal beach to create an amazing plaster casting sculpture of our feet and hands! Here in the pics display our on going process in order to make this happen.

We made a mold of our hand and foot within the sand. Next we took out our hand and feet out of the molds in the sand. After, we mixed a carton of plaster of paris and water together to put inside the molds. Later, we poured the mixture inside the molds and waited for a good 30 minutes until the creation was complete!

And WALAA! We got plaster casting of our hands and feet :)

Week 7: My New Friend Amber!!!!

Oh my new friend Ember is here! Unfortunately I have deleted her photo and I cannot post a photo of her :(

She is from Downey California! She is hoping to major in Criminal Justice! Her inspiration for her major include Law and order! One of my favorite shows too!

She commutes around the Downey area. She is hoping one she would skydive because she is adventurous! She’s open to new adventure type activities that have interest in her! She loves to read books such as hunger games and kite runner!

She has two younger brothers that are in elementary and high school. Did I forget she loves to eat seafood! And that’s basically it about her! :) I hope to find a pic of her and post it son!